Squirrel Throwing a Frisbee

There really is not a ton to learn about disc golfing so this should be pretty simple to learn about. However the idea of getting good is a whole different thing that will take forever to master.

The throwing basics – There are two types of throws, the Forehand throw and the Backhand throw. The Forehand is where you hold the disc by pinching it between your pointer finger and your thumb, with your thumb on top of the disc. Then you throw the disc with the flick of your arm and wrist like you would throw a rock. The Backhand throw is the more traditional and well known way to throw a frisbee. You clench on to the disc with your thumb on top of the disc and the remaining four fingers wrapped around the edge of the disc. Then to throw the disc, you will bring your hand and arm in front of you and then to the other side of your body and then in a quick motion, throw the disc as flat as possible.


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